Mergers & Acquisitions

Transportation Company Mergers and Acquisitions Consultants

A merger or acquisition is one of the quickest paths toward growth and adding security toward a solid exit plan. But it’s not always the surest. Linq Partners holds a 100% success rate in Mergers & Acqusitions. Let Linq Partners minimize the risks associated with your transactions. You will be confident that you are making informed, strategic, and impactful decisions when you work with Linq.

In each engagement we apply aspects of all our services. We use our industry experience with our advisory practice to assess all risk factors from both the business owners’ and outside investors’ view. We enhance value prior to sale, manage all aspects of a sale or acquisition, and ensure that after acquisition a pre-acquisition value is retained.

Buyer & Seller Advisory Services

There are several aspects that need to be addressed when looking to increase value for a trucking company. This is why you need true transportation trucking and logistics professionals at your side. We invite you to contact us whenever you have questions or concerns about your business. But in the meantime, learn more about our services.

Seller Advisory Services

Our business advisors can walk you through the process of selling your business

Perhaps the sale of your transportation and logistics enterprise is something you’ve considered in the past, yet because of the complexities of transacting an optimal exit plan, you’ve hesitated. Or are you unsure when is the right time? Linq can help you answer these questions and also when needed, provide services to enhance the value of your business and prepare you for that day.

  • How does one value the legacy of your success?
  • Is your company currently positioned for an acquisition under the best possible terms?
  • Will the investment of your lifetime fare well under the helm of a future captain?

Indeed, running your business is much different than the divesture of your business: Operations are familiar, you know the faces, and results are largely predictable.
Transacting the sale of your business, however, is a rare and unchartered event. You don’t do it every day and it’s hard to know whether you can do it well on your own. You need someone experienced who can guide you.


  • Experienced, professional and confidential guidance
  • Extensive, first-hand transportation & logistics expertise
  • Strategic, pre-acquisition value enhancement
  • Market intelligence and capital access.

Buyer Advisory Services

Our Insight into Helping You Buy a Business

We are in regular discussions with potential sellers and have a solid understanding of their individual economics and thought processes. Linq looks at each functional area to make the best investment recommendation for our clients interested in buying a company.

Linq understands value from a transaction perspective and a post-merger point of view. This ensures you make an investment based on a solid long-term strategy. It’s this approach that has ensured our 100% transactional success rate.

Linq’s transportation consulting services encompass several areas, and each is needed for a sound investment that produces long-term success.

Our Services Include:

  • Client identification
  • Investment profiling
  • Deal structuring and analysis
  • Financial assessment and operational due diligence
  • Post-acquisition integration

If you are looking to buy a company or sell a company, consider Linq Partners. Our work as transportation consultants is unparalleled.
Contact us to learn more.