Logistics Consulting Services

Linq employs the leading practices used by the most successful companies—including those in the logistics and transportation industries—and advises company leaders on how to best run their business.

Our style of transportation and logistics consulting is thorough. Unlike other logistics consulting businesses, we look at all your operations including your technology. When you work with Linq you don’t need multiple consultants to get the job done. You only need Linq to connect you to the right resources, tools, and people.

Improving Operational Efficiencies

Using the results of an operational assessment and our logistics consulting knowledge, Linq is able to provide you with a concrete plan that includes approaches proven to improve the competitive position of logistics and transportation companies like yours. Our team is prepared to help you with

Strategic planning

Succession planning

Operational review

Sales and marketing

Safety review

Technology planning and review

The performance gains we have guided in the past have been dramatic. Linq leads the industry with its approach for the optimization and control of logistics businesses. Read our case studies  to learn more.