Case Studies

Transportation Logistics Company Efficiency Improvements


A leading temperature controlled transportation logistics company hired Linq to increase efficiencies. Started in 1986, the company had since eclipsed more than $500 million in revenue.  The Company is well respected in the industry and is known for superior services and operating performance.

Linq Approach

Linq performed a comprehensive assessment by reviewing the operations, safety, maintenance, technology, and accounting departments. Through the assessment we saw areas for organizational improvement. We advised the client to implement a fuel management system as well as maintenance changes. We also recommended the use of a system optimizer—a software investment—that greatly refined processes and enhanced operating excellence. Last, we implemented operations training to address open areas of poor productivity.


After working with Linq, the client saved over $2.1 million in fuel management and maintenance adjustments. Dispatch man hours were reduced by 37.5%, fleet use increased by 2.1%, on-time performance increased by 1.7%, and dispatch process rework was reduced by 23%.