Case Studies

Refrigerated Trucking Company


The client started an asset-based refrigerated motor carrier business in 1981, which he solely owned. The company was comprised of three separate entities, and despite incredible operation results with a solid four-year operating performance, the owner wanted to sell one entity and focus on investing in the other two.

Linq Approach

Linq worked with ownership for two months to separate co-mingled assets and financials. From there Linq conducted three more tasks: 1) package the opportunity for strategic marketing to selected investors and acquirers; 2) create a transition plan to address the impact of selling the company; and 3) create a transition plan to allow ownership the latitude to pursue other interests.


Linq secured five interested parties and received multiple letters of intent. We worked with each interested buyer to create a full understanding on deal terms as well as post-acquisition value. We also created a plan to address future profitability enhancements.