Case Studies

M&A Integration

Integration of Three Transportation Logistics Providers


A $1.2 billion transportation logistics provider with a $400 million non-asset based division that had been made up of three different acquisitions completed within five years needed Linq’s help with integration. Each entity that had been acquired was located in a different region of the country. All operated in similar capacities. Linq was initially engaged to stabilize one entity and enhance profitability, but Linq did further work and developed a plan to consolidate all operating entities into one operating group, which included moving away from three separate software platforms to one.

Linq Approach

We spent two months learning about each operating entity, which included learning about individual company cultures and operational gaps. During our work together, Linq created a solid business model and comprehensive integration plan. This work allowed the client to capitalize on ways the newly formed organization could fit together and enhance productivity.


Within 18 months, Linq consolidated all operating and financial reporting aspects of the three business units. The integration did not cause the business to lose business partners or revenue. In fact, the client’s revenue increased by $8 million and costs were further cut by $2.35 million. All integration was performed during an economic downturn.