Case Studies

You can read about our transportation logistics service offerings, but often times it’s examples that paint the picture of how a consultant can help you. The following case studies illustrate the ways in which Linq Partners has assisted transportation companies in their mergers, acquisitions, turnarounds, improvements, and transportation logistics. If after reading these case studies you’d like to know more, contact us.

M&A Transactions

Aggregate Trucking Company

The client is an asset-based trucking company handling aggregate-related materials for construction and site-infrastructure projects. The company started in 1994 and was tightly family owned. The most recent year reflected incredible results; however, the years prior were dismal because of the 2008 economic collapse.  The family decided it was time to sell all or a portion of the company.

Refrigerated Trucking Company

The client started an asset-based refrigerated motor carrier business in 1981, which he solely owned. The company was comprised of three separate entities, and despite incredible operation results with a solid four-year operating performance, the owner wanted to sell one entity and focus on investing in the other two.

Telecom CLEC

A telecom competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) that serviced over 150 prison facilities engaged Linq to assist with the selling of the business. The company had four owners who faced challenges for market opportunities and depleted cash flow.

M&A Integration

Integration of Three Transportation Logistics Providers

A $1.2 billion transportation logistics provider with a $400 million non-asset based division that had been made up of three different acquisitions completed within five years needed Linq’s help with integration. Each entity that had been acquired was located in a different region of the country. All operated in similar capacities. Linq was initially engaged to stabilize one entity and enhance profitability, but Linq did further work and developed a plan to consolidate all operating entities into one operating group, which included moving away from three separate software platforms to one.


Trucking Company Turnaround

This privately held asset based refrigerated trucking company (operating principally east of the Rocky Mountains) typically generated $50 million in annual revenue. The company was founded in 1991 and had several good years, but saw operating losses of $1.2 million and $1.1 million the years prior to engaging Linq’s services.

Process Improvement

Trucking Company Reorganizations and Improvements

A regional refrigerated asset based trucking company, a division of a $90 million logistics company, engaged Linq to conduct a process improvement analysis. The company got its start in 2009 with older equipment. In the years following, the trucking company grew to over $12 Million in revenue and carved a nice niche of services. However, the company was producing operating losses each year. In the year prior to hiring Linq, operating losses eclipsed $800,000.

Transportation Logistics Company Efficiency Improvements

Leading temperature controlled Logistics and Transportation Company.  Started in 1986, the company has since eclipsed over $500 Million in revenues.  Company is well respected in the industry and is known for superior service and operating performance.