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4 Big News That Revolutionised the Transportation Industry in the Last Decade

In the past few decades, a lot has happened in the transportation and logistics industry. From M&A’s to new pacts, here are 4 big news that revolutionized the industry in the last decade:

1. C.H Robinson Worldwide Inc. buys APC Logistics
In a step towards further expanding their global business, logistics provider C.H Robinson has announced the acquisition of APC Logistics, one of the top freight forwarding company in Australia and New Zealand. APC Logistics currently serves more than 3,000 suppliers and customers and has $251 million revenue in the current fiscal year that ended in June this year. This acquisition will help C.H Robinson Worldwide Inc. to further expand its global network and client base.

2. Logistics Pact Between the USA and India will strengthen defense operations
Earlier this week, the USA and India signed a major Logistics deal which will further strengthen joint military operations between the two countries. The Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement or LEMOA will facilitate the countries to exchange logistical support between the military of both the countries, allowing the exchange of supplies and services on a short notice. Under this pact supplies and services such as water, petroleum, clothing, oil, transportation, billing, spare parts, medical services, repair and other maintenance services can be exchanged without requiring any advanced payment.

3. Federal Aviation Administration allows commercial use of drone
The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA has recently revised its old law and has granted permission to allow commercial usage of drones. This will revolutionize the logistics industry as companies (such as Amazon) can now use drones for business purpose if they follow the guidelines mentioned by the FAA. The guideline requires the companies to pass the drone certificate exam. They cannot fly drones over a speed of 100 miles per hour and over 400 feet from the ground. This is considered a milestone decision. However, it doesn’t allow companies to fly drones at night and above the head of the pedestrians.

4. Amazon tests Drones, plans to use it for Freight Delivery
Amazon is now planning to use drones for product delivery, revolutionizing the freight delivery system. It is already test flying drones in a secret location in the UK. Co-founder of Amazon’s drone business Prime Air Daniel Buchmueller recently revealed that they are testing their drones.

Hopefully, these news pieces will give you an idea of the latest happenings in the Transport and Logistics industry. If you are looking for transportation consultants for expanding your business, look no further. Contact us today and leverage our decades of industry expertise. Get in touch with us at

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