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How to Start a Trucking Company?

The transport and logistics industry in the USA presents great opportunities. The marketplace is continuously growing and a great future lies ahead. However, it is a highly competitive field and therefore, if you’re planning to start a trucking company then like any other business you need to do proper market research. On economic grounds, starting a trucking company can be a rewarding experience but the process is a bit complex. You have to work with the state as well as federal agencies before you can set your business. Here is how you can start your own trucking company:

1. Proper Business Plan

Getting your business plan ready is the very first step you must take. Decide if you want to hire other truckers or want to be a sole service provider. Based on this, calculate the costs and make an estimate of the investments that you’ll need (including the salaries). Based on your cost estimate you can decide the fee you’ll charge. See whether you need investors or not. Initially, they can provide you with the required capital for running the business. You can consult trucking company consultants before making any decisions.

2. Get your Business Registered

Give a name to your company and apply for a Federal Identification Number. Get your business registered with your State. You can even take the help of a lawyer who can guide you through the process of registration.

3. Get Proper License and Permits

You need permits from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Authority, Unified Carrier Registration, a number issued by the Department of Transportation, International Fuel Tax Agreement license and other trucking permits in order to be a properly registered trucking company. According to your business model, you will also need insurance.

4. Build a Client Base

Now that you are a registered trucking company, the next important step is to market your services to build a customer base. When planning to start a company, have a proper marketing strategy that will get you contracts. Get your own business cards. Hand these cards to the potential customers and clients, use social media and the internet to spread your word. You can even build your own website and use it to market your services. Also advertise on the Yellow pages and the newspapers. These steps will increase your visibility.

5. Hire Good Drivers

Qualified and skilled drivers are the key players in the trucking industry. The quality of your drivers will determine the quality of your service. Spend time hiring skilled drivers. Before hiring, conduct a background check. This ensures that you get professional and competent drivers who will help you expand your business and add value to your company.

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