M&A Summary

Contrans announces acquisition of Wilburn Archer Trucking

Contrans Group has announced that it has acquired Wilburn Archer Trucking, a dry-bulk trucking business located in Norwood, Ontario (Canada).
Since 1994, the business has provided specialised transportation services using pneumatic tanks and hopper trailers. It is expected that this acquisition will produce annual revenue of approximately $14m.
“There are relatively few opportunities to acquire dry bulk trucking businesses in Ontario,” stated Contrans’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stan Dunford. “We are pleased to add the Archer business to our existing group of bulk companies. Archer’s dry bulk business has grown through a reputation for high-quality service and responsiveness to their customers. We believe there will be operating efficiencies from having the Archer business in our group of companies. We look forward to working with the Archer customers, staff and drivers.”

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