Flatbed loadings surge 1.9% in July

The Flatbed sector continues to show a high level of monthly variability, but with continued strength in year-over-year growth. Flatbed loadings were at 7.615 million in July, a gain of 1.9% from a downwardly revised June. Year-over-year growth was also improved, up 4.9% in July. Recent history Flatbed freight was

Construction loadings flat in June

Movements of construction goods weakened in May and June. Loadings for May were revised lower, from a small gain to a drop of 2.4%. June loadings remained flat at 9.111 million. The year-over-year growth has slowed noticeably in the last two months with a gain of just 2.6% in June.

Flatbed rates stay strong to start 2012

Flatbed rates are showing some of the most resilient pricing in the industry. Since September 2010, the year-over-year rate environment has been at or above 6% every month except one. In January it came in right at 6%. It has a very good chance of maintaining that streak during 2012.